Jail for man who raped woman while children slept nearby

Philip Evans Credit: PA

A man who raped a woman as her children slept nearby has been jailed.

Phillip Evans, 33, raped the woman, 26, at a hostel in Peterborough on Boxing Day last year. He had followed the victim back to her room.

The called her boyfriend after Evans had left and they contacted police. Evans had denied rape but was convicted following a trial at Peterborough Crown Court.

He had already admitted two counts of criminal damage and assault from a separate incident earlier that night.

He was jailed for five years for rape and was also sentenced to a total of six months for the criminal damage and assault to run consecutively making a total of five-and-a-half years.

Detective Constable Louise Spinks said: "This was a horrific attack where Evans raped his victim while her young children were sleeping nearby.

"She told police she felt unable to call for help because she did not want her children to witness what was happening to her.

"Evans' actions on the night show he is clearly a danger to women and we are pleased he has been brought to justice."