Heatwave fire warnings

Tinder dry conditions have caused outbreaks of fire across the county. In Hertfordshire the number of grass and crop fires this month is almost four times as many compared to last year.

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Hertfordshire Fire Service: 'Enjoy the great outdoors but beware of the risks of fire'

Hertfordshire Fire Service safety tips for the heatwave Credit: PA Images

Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service heatwave safety tips:

1) Never throw the ends out of car windows. After smoking, make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished and thrown away safely.

2) Try to avoid lighting open fires outside wherever possible.

3) Only barbecue in areas where they are allowed.

4) Always take your rubbish with you – especially glass bottles, as these can magnify the sun’s rays and start fires and hurt people and animals.

5) If you must have an open fire, clear dry vegetation and leaves away and build a stack around the flame that will collapse inwards while burning.

6) Never leave a fire unattended and make sure they are always fully extinguished after use.

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