Man makes marriage proposal - on a cake!

You may have remembered a few months back we brought you the story of the man who handed his resignation in on a cake.

Chris Holmes resignation letter written on a cake.

Yes, Chris Holmes from Sawston in Cambridgeshire decided to leave his job at Stansted Airport to start up his own cake-making business, so it seemed only fitting that, rather than announce his departure in writing, he should put it in icing.

Well just a few months on and he is using his baking skills for another big occasion...this time, a proposal.

Heart-shaped cake made for Joe Salmon.

This was the cake, made for Joe Salmon, who popped the question to his girlfriend Rebecca Webb.

The heart-shaped creation was decorated with the question piped in pink icing, complete with the ring.

The heart-shaped cake was finished off with a plinth for the ring.
The heart-shaped creation did the job - Joe's girlfriend said yes.