Motorbike thefts continue to rise in Northampton

Police say there has been a rise in motorbike thefts in Northampton

Police in Northampton are trying to tackle a rise in motorbike thefts.

Police are patrolling certain areas including Briar Hill, the Mounts, Semilong, Headlands and the Arbours estates. Officers are also seizing motorbikes when they are being used anti-socially.

The number of motorbike thefts is falling across the county but it continues to rise in Northampton.

PC Lee Flavell said: “Most of the bike thefts are taking place from the roadside or driveways.

“The most commonly-targeted bikes are the Honda and Yamaha makes, mostly 125cc or below.

“We have summer patrols policing the areas where bikes are being used anti-socially and are using our powers to seize those bikes.

“We are confident that this will result in the recovery of stolen bikes and the prosecution of the bike thieves."