Bedford families gain healthier lifestyles

A number of families in Bedford have completed a weight management programme.

The 17-week Beezee Bodies course aims to help families create and maintain healthier lifestyle habits. They have received nutrition advice and tried out different activities.

I was unsure about whether BeeZee Bodies was going to be useful or not initially. It only took one session for me to feel completely confident that we had made the correct decision.

– Mother

32 families took part in the programme to tackle their unhealthy lifestyles.

We want to help families become healthier but in a realistic way - we understand how important the Xbox and McDonalds are to younger family members and want to find ways to integrate these things in a healthy way into busy family lives.

A lot of families in Bedford don’t even realise they might need to make some changes in their family, but I would really encourage families out there to look at their lifestyle and see if they might benefit from making their family healthier.

– Stuart King, Director, BeeZee Bodies

Just by making small lifestyle changes, families can achieve big things. Changing habits and behaviours can be done in a fun and exciting way, and this programme is proof of that.

– Cllr Randolf Charles, Deputy Speaker, Bedford Borough Council