Nearly 10,000 knives off the streets of Suffolk

Suffolk Police knife amnesty. Credit: PA Images

Nearly 10,000 knives have been taken off the streets of Suffolk since the 'Bin a Blade' amnesty began in the county.

An initial year-long amnesty saw 6125 knives left anonymously in six amnesty bins in 2011.

In 2012 a further 2205 blades were deposited, from the start of 2013 to July a further 1594 knives have been collected, giving a total 9924 since the campaign began.

These knives have been shredded at Sackers Recycling in Great Blakenham.

Suffolk Constabulary Chief Constable Douglas Paxton said: “This is a campaign that I am excited about getting involved in and helping to continue in its success.

"Although across the county we do not have a high number of knife related crimes, it is important to remember that every blade binned makes Suffolk a safer place.

"I am impressed with the figures so far and urge anyone who carries a knife to deposit it in one of our four bins anonymously.”