Free schools open their doors to pupils

The Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form will move into the former fire station in Norwich once building work is complete Credit: ITV Anglia

More than a dozen new schools and colleges will open in the Anglia region this month as the government continues to expand its free school programme.

Among those opening their doors today are the River Bank Primary School in Luton and the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form in Norwich.

Nine free schools will open across the region as well as two studio schools in Essex and Hertfordshire and two University Technical Colleges in Northamptonshire.

Prime minister David Cameron described free schools as "one of the most important reforms to education in this country for a generation".

Last night, Rachel de Souza, chief executive of the Inspiration Trust which is behind Norwich's new specialist science and maths sixth form, tweeted: "So grateful to all who have supported and helped get @6thFormFS built, painted and open, an amazing new school, what a privilege to be involved."