Cambridge MP leads call for cycling investment

The government says it's determine to get more people cycling safely. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA

A Cambridge MP led a debate calling for more investment in cycling - as the coalition government said it would be spending £375m to get more people on bikes.

Julian Huppert opened a heated backbench business debate in the commons. He said: "We would be healthier, saving the NHS billions of pounds.

"There would be less congestion on the roads, making travel times faster and more reliable for those who are in cars.

"There would be less pressure on city centre parking, helping people to get to the shops, keeping the economy going - the economy would grow."

Addressing the MPs, transport minister Norman Baker said the government wanted more people cycling and for them to be cycling more safely.

He said £375m would be spent on cycling under the coalition government - almost double that spent under the previous administration.