Police crack down on speeding in Northamptonshire

Car passing a speed camera. Credit: PA Images

Nearly 500 drivers were caught speeding in Northamptonshire last month during a week long crackdown by police.

Eight-five drivers were issued with fines or points on their licence. Some were given the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course. One motorist was caught driving at more than 100mph on a motorway.

The week long campaign in August targeted the county’s ‘red routes’ – roads where a high number of people have been killed or seriously injured.

Inspector Jen Helm said: “Speed is one of the main factors in road deaths – if you’re hit by a car at 40mph you are four times more likely to die than if you’re hit at 30mph.

"That is the message we want people to understand and that’s why operations such as this are so important, to both get that message across and to deal with those breaking the law. We will continue to educate drivers and to enforce the speed limits in this county.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds added: “Making our roads as safe as possible is one of my top priorities. I’m pleased to see this crackdown on drivers who put lives at risk.”