Ozzy the record breaking dog

Ozzy the record breaking dog! Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ozzy, a border collie/kelpie crossbreed, has entered the world famous Guinness Book of Records for achieving the Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog.

The four-year-old crossed a 3.5m rope in 18.22 seconds during his record breaking stunt at the Faith Animal Rescue Centre in Norfolk.

Performing another of his tricks! Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ozzy, who lives in Norwich with his owner, 51-year-old carpenter Nick Johnson, who has no formal dog training experience but learned the techniques from the internet.

He said: "Ozzy is most happy when he's working on the tricks that we do and regards it as a game.

"It makes me feel so happy and proud, that Ozzy and I have such a strong friendship and relationship we can work together on tricks and games that get the recognition of Guinness World Records."