Parking CCTV ban threat

Councils in East Anglia are set to be hit by government plans to ban the use of spy cameras to catch drivers who are parking illegally.

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Your views: Crackdown on CCTV parking 'snooping'

The government is looking at banning councils in England from using CCTV cameras and "spy cars" to catch people who are parking illegally.

We asked ITV Anglia News viewers on Facebook what they thought of the results, and here is a few of their views:

I can't see what the problem is, if you park illegally you deserve a ticket. Does it matter if it's a traffic warden or a camera that catches you?

– Peter Gibson

Don't see a problem with them. If you park legally then you won't get fined. Simple really!

– Tina Simpson

No because its intrapment.. CCTV should be used only to witness street crime and anti social behaviour

– Nicholas Lake

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