Cambridgeshire cyclist scare

The British Transport Police have released shocking footage of the moment a cyclist from Cambridgeshire narrowly missed being hit by a train after dodging a level-crossing barrier.

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Route manager: 'One of the closest incidents of near-miss we've seen"

Network Rail's route managing director Richard Schofield has spoken of his shock after footage was released of a cyclist in Cambridgeshire narrowly avoiding being hit by a train.

The woman is seen approaching onto the line and subsequently braking hard as the train passes.

"This is one of the closest incidents of near-miss we've seen.

The person using the crossing not only didn't hear the train but ignored the warning lights and barriers, putting her life, the lives of passengers and the train driver in danger.

"Warning systems at level crossings are there for a reason, to protect users from the railway.

I hope the release of this footage will highlight the importance of following the safety advice at level crossings."

– Richard Schofield, Network Rail

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