Rail fare cap 'doesn't go far enough'

The government has announced a cap on rail fare increases. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A rail passenger group said the government still needed to do more to control how much people paid for tickets.

Today the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin announced rail companies would not be able to increase their fares by more than 6.1% from January when a new cap comes into effect.

But the Essex Rail Users Federation said that restriction did not go far enough.

Chairman Derek Monnery said: "Rail fares have to be capped at inflation. The investment they are putting into the system is reaching a peak and that will tail off before long.

"Rail increases don't help, people have static wages and to increase rail fares by inflation plus 1% is too much."

The average fare increase will be 4.1% - based on July 2013's inflation figure plus another 1% - meaning some ticket prices will rise at a slower rate.