Long-lost Paston letter goes on display for the first time

This letter, written in 1455, is one of the oldest in existence. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

One of the oldest letters in existence has gone on show to the public for the first time today.

The note, written in 1455, is one of the Paston Letters - the oldest surviving set of correspondence in Britain.

The Pastons rose from peasantry to aristocracy in medieval times and, through their letters, paint a vivid picture of 15th-century life.

Most of the letters, which were written between members of the Norfolk family, are hidden away in the British Library.

But last year, the Norfolk Record Office paid £3,000 for a letter written by Sir John Falstof to John Paston. In it, he asks him to pursue the prior and convent of Norwich who were behind with their rent.

The letter is part of a three-month exhibition dedicated to the Norfolk family - the first in 60 years - at the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich.