Footpath cyclist who hit pedestrian gets suspended sentence

A cyclist who knocked a woman down while riding on the pavement on Southend seafront has been given a four month suspended sentence. Jason Hurrell was riding on Marine Parade in February when he collided with Olivia George. She suffered a serious head injury and spent several weeks in hospital.

Jason Hurrell was sentenced to a period of four months imprisonment, suspended for eighteen months and to carry out two hundred hours of unpaid work. He had pleaded guilty to the offence of causing bodily harm by wanton and furious driving at an earlier hearing.

Cycling on the footpath is often perceived as a minor offence and public nuisance but this case highlights the very real dangers that exist if cyclists fail to ride without due regard for other road users, and pedestrians in particular.”

"The sentence Jason Hurrell has received today reflects the seriousness with which Courts view this type of incident and should serve to remind all road users of their responsibility to place safety before any other consideration when using the public highway”.

– PC Chris Rowland, Essex Police