Boy gets 'selfie' with Prince Charles during Stevenage visit

The Prince of Wales in Stevenage.

The Prince of Wales was in Stevenage today visiting the Coptic Orthodox Church Centre to show his support for Christians in the Middle East where for decades there have been a number of conflicts.

Accompanied by Prince Ghazi of Jordan, the pair from totally different parts of the world had a clear aim - to draw attention to the importance of harmony between different faiths and remember those facing conflicts in places like Egypt.

As Prince Charles walked around happily chatting many took photo's to remember the occasion and one young boy managed to take a 'Selfie' with him and His Highness.

'Selfie' with young boy and The Prince of Wales.

"I went up to him and said if I could take a photograph of him - and then well I didn't wait for the body guards to push me out of the way and I just took a picture."