Flood Defence Tax

A Norfolk MP says taxing people who live near the coast could help pay for future flood defences.

Norfolk MP suggests residents pay flood tax

Damage caused to the Norfolk coast Credit: ITV

Damage caused by the recent tidal surge is still being repaired along the East coast.

The Snettisham and Heacham defences saved about 3000 properties although not everyone was so lucky.

The government recently admitted it hasn't actually spent more on flood defences than the previous government, as had been claimed by the environment minister. With budget cuts it is unlikely to.

On a visit to the beaches at Snettisham and Heacham, local MP Henry Bellingham suggested those living by the coast may have to pay a flood tax.

He said, "What we must now do is find ways to pay for additional flood defences. It's not just for government or for councils, it's other organisations and local people as well."

"I believe that the people who are most seriously affected should pay more by way of a levy. And indeed the parishes in the area should be part of that programme of funding"

The MP made the suggestion while visiting Snettisham Credit: ITV

In an area where holiday homes dominate the shoreline that could become a tricky prospect. And those who live here all year round may take some persuading to dig even deeper to live by the sea.

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