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A video of the UK's largest tulip field, near King's Lynn

This breathtaking video of the largest field of tulips in the UK was captured by Mark Everitt early Thursday morning using a helicam. Such an impressive spectacle is more typical of Holland than Norfolk but this field of 9 million bulbs is found just outside King's Lynn.

This field is not alone. In total, there are 126 acres of tulips with more than 37 million bulbs and 37 different varieties.

According to weather lore, tulips open their blossoms when the temperature rises; they close again when the temperature falls.

This year, because of the warm spring weather, the tulips are a few weeks early. In fact, they have now reached their perfect state of blossom and all their heads will be cut off during the next few days. People can then buy these bulbs and grow their own fields of tulips.

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