Burglar reveals how easy it is to break into Cambridgeshire homes

A Cambridgeshire Police officer questions a convicted burglar. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police.

A video of a convicted burglar explaining why he targeted certain homes has been released by police.

The thief, who is currently serving a prison sentence at HMP Peterborough, explains to an officer from Cambridgeshire how easy homeowners make it for him to steal items like car keys and laptops by leaving them close to the front door and in full view.

He said one in five homes would be left unlocked, meaning he could just walk in.

Helen O'Driscoll, who carried out the interview, said: "The interview was an eye-opener but very useful in gaining a better understanding of the thinking and motivations behind why someone burgles.

"It still amazes me how avoidable many of the burglaries are and how simple measures such as keeping your front and back doors locked or moving valuables out of view and can make such a difference."