2,387 miles of unfinished roadworks

A survey shows that some areas, with Suffolk heading the list, have many hundreds of uncompleted roadworks, 66% of motorists polled considering road quality in their locale to be worsening.

Suffolk County Council had 1,906 road maintenance projects under way, according to data gathered by breakdown service LV= Road Rescue.

In addition, Leicestershire County Council had 1,250 schemes on the go, while Derby City Council had 930.

A total of 91 councils provided information about the number of roadworks in their area. Credit: PA Images

A total of 91 councils provided information about the number of roadworks in their area, with the unfinished projects in these areas totalling 10,499, or an average of 115 per council.

A total of 62 councils gave information about the length in miles of their outstanding works, with the average being 11 miles.

LV= made estimates on what the overall national figure would look like and reckoned that there were 24,955 to-be-completed roadworks, equating to 2,387 miles in length.

A total of 109 councils said how much they had spent on road maintenance in 2013, with the overall figure of more than #647 million equating to an average of #5.94 million per council area.

LV= also gave the results of a survey, conducted in March 2014, of 2,001 Britons.

This showed that roadworks were affecting a third of journeys and adding an average of 12 minutes to travel times. Roadworks had caused 14% of motorists to be late for meetings in the last year.

While 66% of those polled felt road quality in their area was getting worse, 37% said projects were not completed quickly enough.