UKIP wins Euro Election in the Anglia region

UKIP has won the European Election in the Anglia region. The party has three MEPs in the Eastern region and a further two in the East Midlands.

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UKIP tops Euro poll in the East

UKIP have won the European Election in the Eastern region taking 34.5% of the vote.

The party was allocated three MEPs - Patrick O'Flynn, Stuart Agnew and Tim Aker.

The Conservatives came second with 28.4% of the vote and were allocated three seats.

Their MEPs are Vicky Ford, Geoffrey Van Orden and David Campbell Bannerman.

Labour took 17.3% of the vote and got one MEP - Richard Howitt.

The Liberal Democrats were pushed into fifth place by the Greens but neither party had enough votes to be allocated a seat.

That means Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff loses his seat in the European Parliament after 15 years.

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