UKIP tops Euro poll in the East

UKIP have won the European Election in the Eastern region taking 34.5% of the vote.

The party was allocated three MEPs - Patrick O'Flynn, Stuart Agnew and Tim Aker.

The Conservatives came second with 28.4% of the vote and were allocated three seats.

Their MEPs are Vicky Ford, Geoffrey Van Orden and David Campbell Bannerman.

Labour took 17.3% of the vote and got one MEP - Richard Howitt.

The Liberal Democrats were pushed into fifth place by the Greens but neither party had enough votes to be allocated a seat.

That means Lib Dem MEP Andrew Duff loses his seat in the European Parliament after 15 years.


UKIP wins Euro Election in the Anglia region

UKIP has won the European Election in the Anglia region. The party has three MEPs in the Eastern region and a further two in the East Midlands.