Chances missed to protect pregnant teenager

Report says chances were missed to protect a pregnant Essex teenager who was beaten to death by her boyfriend. Eystna Blunnie's boyfriend, Tony McLernon was jailed for life for her murder in March.

Report says chances missed to protect pregnant teenager

Eystna Blunnie

A new report into the murder of a a heavily pregnant teenager in Essex says chances were missed to protect her. Nineteen year old Eystna Blunnie was beaten to death by her boyfriend Tony McLernon in Harlow in June 2012. She was nine months pregnant.

Tony McLernon

The report by the Safer Harlow Partnership has found there were many signs she was in danger before she was fatally attacked.

It recommended agencies should work together better to share information about high risk adults.

However it said there was no evidence her murder could have been accurately predicted though McLernon had made threats to kill her previously.

Essex Police had asked the Crown Prosecution Service whether he could be charged with an offence.

At the time, the CPS decided there was not enough evidence. It later admitted that decision was wrong.

Miss Blunnie's father Kevin said he believes his daughter would still be alive if McLernon had been prosecuted earlier.He said: "For that mistake, we lost our daughter and granddaughter."

The report's author, Jackie Sully, said no one could be sure if charging McLernon would have changed the course of events leading to Miss Blunnie's death.

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