Two pedestrians killed on the A47

Two pedestrians have been killed after they were hit by two cars on the A47 in Norfolk.

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Norfolk: Police investigating deaths of pedestrians on the A47 find personal items

he pedestrians were killed on the A47 in Norfolk on Sunday. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Police investigating the deaths of a couple on the A47 in Norfolk have found a number of personal items following a roadside search.

Tadas Zaleskas and Nonita Karajevaite were struck by a car as they walked barefoot along the road at Terrington St John on Sunday.

Nonita's death is being treated as suspicious after allegations she was pushed into on-coming traffic.

Officers have today recovered documents, clothing and a pair of glasses which may have belonged to the couple.

"As a result of searches, we’ve recovered a number of personal items which we believe belonged to the couple, including documents, clothing and a pair of glasses.

These items will now be examined to see whether they can provide us with any clues.”


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