Bedfordshire Police see increase in fake 999 calls

Increase in fake 999 calls.

Bedfordshire Police say they are seeing an increasing number of fake 999 calls.

They say many of the calls are being made by children messing about or from toddlers playing with their parents mobile phones or land lines inadvertently pressing the 9 button.

Please help police put genuine emergencies first by doing the following:

  • Lock the keypad on your mobile phone so you – or your children can’t make accidental 999 calls.
  • Teach your children about the dangers of abusing the 999 system. The police will prosecute persistent offenders.
  • Think whether your problem is genuinely an emergency before using 999. Could you wait five minutes and use 101 instead?
  • Could another service or organisation help you more efficiently? Noise complaints are dealt with by your local borough council and all have an out of hours service to deal with noisy parties etc.