Man seen with firearms shot by police in Essex

Police cordon around area where man was shot

Part of Great Dunmow town centre in Essex remains cordoned off this morning after police shot a man carrying two guns. The man, believed to live locally, was pursued by officers at around 10pm last night. After refusing to put down his weapons police marksmen shot him in the leg and he was arrested. This morning detectives and forensic officers have been at the scene on North Street at its junction with Knights Way. One woman who lives nearby but didn't want to be identified, told ITV News Anglia she was looking out of her window and saw a man running down the hill. She said police officers were shouting a lot at him.

He was running away. At first I thought he was a drunkard. The man with the gun was shouting back but then I heard him being shot. It was a big long gun with a silencer I think. It wasn't a loud bang. Just one shot. I'd say there were around ten officers. The man had no shoes on and was wearing a white top. As he was shot he fell to the ground. I thought he was dead. He was lying there groaning. He was talking and crying on the stretcher as they took him away. I looked to see if I recognised him but I didn't. A woman turned up when the ambulance came - she ran over to the man who'd been shot and was shouting.

– Eyewiness

People in the town have speculated that the incident may be drugs related but there has been no suggestion of a link from police officers. The independent police complaints commission has confirmed it has begun an investigation into the shooting.

Here's a report by Russell Hookey: