H2O Deer! Animal rescued from Wisbech river

The fire service worked with the RSPCA to save the deer.

RSPCA inspectors joined forces with the fire service to free a deer who had become stuck on the mud banks of the River Nene in Wisbech.

The animal was trapped in the river in the harbour near to the Police Station, and was standing on the muddy banks at low tide unable to free himself.

The deer had a minor eye injury.

When I arrived this poor deer was in a real fix. He had most likely wandered over from the common land nearby, but stumbled down into the river banks, swam to the harbour and with the walls being so steep and high he just wasn’t able to get himself out again.

– Jon Knight, RSPCA

If you see a wild animal in distress, keep a safe distance away and call the RSPCA.