Major work to reduce traffic delays to start in Great Yarmouth

The Fuller's Hill roundabout Credit: Norfolk County Council

Improvement work to reduce traffic jams and delays in Great Yarmouth is due to begin on Fuller’s Hill roundabout.

Norfolk County Council is spending £650,000 to create an extra lane on the roundabout by reducing the size of the central island. An additional right-hand turn lane will also be put in on the North Quay approach from the north where often queues are particularly bad due to the volume of traffic wanting to get onto the A47.

The work- which will begin on the 18th September- is due to take around 14 weeks to complete. During the vast majority of the works, all roads approaching the roundabout will remain open however they will be down to one lane so people travelling through the area should plan for longer journey times than usual, particularly at peak times.

When completed, people can expect fewer delays in the area and shorter, more reliable journey times. It’s hoped that air quality may also benefit, with a reduction in queueing stationary traffic giving off emissions.