Half a million pound project to improve boys’ reading

Reading is a core skill that we all use everyday, but there's a big gap in achievement between boys and girls, especially in Essex.

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Thousands of boys in the county in Key Stages one to three, when children are aged 5 to 14, are now set to benefit from a half a million pound fund that aims to reverse this trend.

At Lyons Hall Primary school in Braintree they're aiming to buck the trend by introducing so-called Project X books with stories that are specifically written to engage boys.

Some of the reasons are culturally that the boys are expected to do more sport based activities than girls and by the time they even come to school you can predict how their reading will be based on their language skills and attention and studies showed boys aren't as well equipped as girls.

– Rachel Pritchard, Deputy Headteacher, Lyons Hall Primary School