Man jailed for breaching behaviour order in Ipswich

Michael Smith Credit: Police

A 52-year-old man banned from entering Ipswich town centre has been jailed.

Michael Smith, of no fixe abode, was given a Criminal Behaviour Order in June 2017 forbidding him from entering Ipswich town centre for three years.

But Smith was seen on four separate occasions this month and was charged with four counts of breaching the CBO.

He appeared before Ipswich magistrates and pleaded guilty to breaching his CBO on four separate occasions, as well as the two public order offences and was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment.

Smith has a long history of antisocial behaviour in Ipswich which includes street drinking and which has impacted the local community. The purpose of a CBO is to enable us to give support to offenders, while also putting a stop, to future offences being committed. It also acts as a way for us to provide reassurance to the public that we will deal with persistent law breakers. We are hopeful that by spending time in prison he will receive the support he requires to address his issues and prevent his reoffending.”

– Sergeant Vicky McParland