Let's talk - but not on mobiles

Signing up to go tech free Credit: ITV Anglia

It used to be smoking in restaurants which annoyed people - nowadays it's people using mobiles.

So now there's a growing number of places,- including a hotel in Ickworth in Suffolk where they're going tech free to encourage more people to talk to each other.

One restaurant in the region is even offering a discount to those who hand over their mobiles.

Grand Central near Chelmsford have launched 'Phone Free Fridays' encouraging people to put away their phones over dinner to get people talking again.

Our director was sitting upstairs in the restaurant eating dinner with his family when he looked down and saw the majority of people, mainly couples, on their phones. He started to think about how we can get people to communicate more and that's when we came up with phone-free Fridays.

– General manager, Chelsea Day