Warning to parents over online chat

Parents in Hertfordshire are being warned to check who their children are talking to online over the Christmas Holidays.

It's part of the county's ongoing efforts to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation.

Warning to parents over online chat Credit: ITV Anglia

Earlier this year, Hertfordshire County Council debuted a new film in partnership with Hertfordshire Constabulary and the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children's Board, based on real life crimes which have affected young people in the county.

The video tells the story of a 15 year old girl who is befriended on Facebook by someone she has never met and goes on to meet him alone. The video also tackles issues such as sexting, drugs and alcohol.

"During the Christmas holidays, we ask that parents ensure they know who their children are speaking to online. Child sexual exploitation is happening at different levels across the UK. We must not be complacent in Hertfordshire, as child sexual exploitation can happen anywhere. Hertfordshire County Council is taking every possible step to ensure children in Hertfordshire are able to grow up in a safe environment."

– Teresa Heritage, Hertfordshire County Council