600 new primary school places created in Cambridgeshire

The Shade Primary School in Soham is growing each year as part of a phased entry system Credit: ITV News Anglia

Six hundred new primary school places have been created in Cambridgeshire as the council attempts to tackle the soaring demand.

It's part of an £11 million investment to cope with increasing housing development and a rise in numbers expected over the next three years.

The Shade Primary School in Soham near Ely is one of many in the county which will see a significant rise in numbers over the next few years.

Cambridgeshire county council says by 2022 more than 13,000 additional school places will be needed.

The Shade Primary School is a new school which opened in September 2013 Credit: ITV News Anglia.

"The school is currently at 180 children but we've built a capacity for 420 and that's a good example of what we're going to do across the county in order to make sure that when parents apply for their school places there are enough places for children to be taught."

– Jo German, Cambridgeshire County Council

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