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Otters cool down in the sun with some fishy treats

It's not just humans who are feeling the high temperatures today. Credit: Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary

It's not just humans who are feeling the heat today.

Otters at Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary in Norfolk have been enjoying fishy iced lollies to cool down in the 30 degree heat.

Staff have treated Mum Summer and her three sons Yorkie, Twix and Smartie to the lollies to not not only help them cool down, but also challenge themselves to to get to the fish, shrimps, nuts and meat sealed within the ice.

Although they hail from a notoriously warm and humid climate they definitely lose their energy in the British summer heat, just like most of we humans do.

It was lovely to see how much they perked up when we fed them the iced lollies. I think they really enjoyed their treat.

– Adam Makinson, Hunstanton Sea Life Sanctuary


Onlookers stunned as waterspout hovers over sleepy Suffolk village

The tornado appeared over the town of Thorpeness in Suffolk. Credit: Geoff Robinson Photography/Phil Hannam

A stunning photograph of a dramatic waterspout in stormy skies over Suffolk has emerged.

It was taken Saturday evening by Phil Hannam, a chef who was on a break from his job at The Kitchen restaurant and saw it spiralling over Thorpeness.

Although witnesses thought they were watching a tornado - it's actually a waterspout - a type of funnel cloud which occurs over water.

Click below to watch a video report by ITV News Anglia's Malcolm Robertson

After the heatwave comes the weather warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms

The Met Office has extended the yellow warning for heavy rain and thunderstorms across the whole of East Anglia.

Its warning of the risk of localised flash flooding and hail along with potential for disruption to travel and power supplies.

The area covered by a Met Office yellow weather warning on Wednesday 20 July 2016. Credit: Met Office

The weather warning is valid until 9pm on Wednesday 20 July 2016

The Met Office says areas of heavy thunderstorms will continue to affect parts of Scotland and northern England into this afternoon before slowly clearing away northeast.

However isolated heavy thunderstorms may still develop across Scotland and parts of England, including some central, eastern and southeastern areas, this afternoon and this evening.

The Met Office said: "Whilst most places will miss the worst, please be aware of the risk of localised flash flooding. Frequent lightning, large hail and strong winds could be additional hazards. All of this could lead to some flooding of homes, businesses and transport networks. Disruption to power is also possible."

"Hot, moist air spreading north and northeast across the UK today will produce thunderstorms, initially organised within large areas of rain before becoming more isolated this afternoon.

"Rainfall will be very variable, but some places could see around 30 mm in an hour and more than 50 mm in a few hours.

"The thunderstorms later this afternoon are likely to be most widespread across northern England and Scotland, and it is here that there is the greatest risk of disruption.

"Further south, they will be much more isolated, with disruption less likely, across the rest of England."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment


East Anglia basks in tropical heat on hottest day of the year

Scratby beach in Norfolk on the hottest day of the year. Credit: Karl Hammett

Temperatures in the Anglia region have soared past 31°C on the hottest day of the year.

By 4pm on Tuesday the temperature at Wittering in Cambridgeshire and Woburn in Bedfordshire had reached 31.4°C (88.5°F).

The hottest place in the UK so far has been Pershore in Worcestershire with a temperature of 33.4°C (92.1°F).

Temperatures across the Anglia region at 4pm on Tuesday 19 July 2016

  • 31.4°C in Woburn, Bedfordshire
  • 31.4°C in Wittering, Cambridgeshire
  • 31.0°C in Cambridge
  • 30.8°C in Harpenden, Hertfordshire
  • 30.1°C in Marham, Norfolk
  • 30.0°C in Santon Downham, Suffolk
  • 28.9°C in Weybourne, Norfolk
  • 27.9°C in Norwich
  • 27.9°C in Wattisham, Suffolk
  • 24.1°C in Cromer, Norfolk

East Anglia set for another scorcher as temperatures rocket

It's set to be another scorcher today. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Temperatures are expected to continue soaring across the Anglia region.

On Monday, we had wall-to-wall sunshine with temperatures reaching 29°C at Cavendish in Suffolk.

It is forecast to get even hotter on Tuesday - up to 32°C. But parts of the South East could see temperatures climb as high as 35°C (95°F) - close to the record for July of 36.7°C (98.06°F).

Public Health England is urging people to look out for elderly relatives and friends who may be susceptible to the high temperatures - and to take extra care of young children, babies and those with heath issues.

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