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Warning of torrential thundery rain and risk of flooding

The Met Office has amber and yellow weather warnings in force for the Anglia region as the September heatwave breaks down into thundery and torrential rain.

The Met Office says there could be exceptionally amounts of rain during Friday with the potential for flooding and disruption to transport.

Frequent lightning and hail may be additional hazards.

Rainfall radar image taken at 7.25am on Friday showing heavy rain in the south and west of the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

Some places in the Anglia region have already seen nearly an inch of rain in the early hours of Friday.

23 mm (0.9 inches) of rain has fallen at Cavendish in Suffolk and 21 mm (0.8 inches) at Harpenden in Hertfordshire in the six hours up to 7am.



Britain's hottest September day for more than 100 years

Britain has had its hottest September day since 1911.

The temperature at Gravesend in Kent reached 34.4°C also making it the hottest day of 2016.

The highest temperature reached in the Anglia region was 32.1°C recorded in Thurleigh in Bedfordshire and Writtle in Essex.

Temperatures around the Anglia region at 3pm on Tuesday 13 September 2016. Credit: Met Office

The highest September temperature ever recorded in the Anglia region was 34.6°C at Raunds in Northamptonshire on 8 September 1911.

Hottest September day since 1949

Britain has seen its hottest day in September since 1949.

As the temperature at Heathrow airport passed 32.2°C, the Met Office announced that it was the first time that 32°C has been exceeded in September for nearly 70 years.

In the Anglia region the temperature had reached 30°C at a number of locations by 1pm including Cambridge, Woburn in Bedfordshire and Harpenden in Hertfordshire.

The highest September temperature ever recorded in the Anglia region was 34.6°C at Raunds in Northamptonshire on 8 September 1911.

Temperatures recorded at 1pm on Tuesday 13 September in the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

Temperatures soar on one of the hottest September days

Health warnings have been issued on what could be the hottest September day in more than 50 years.

Britain's Indian summer will sizzle with temperatures on Tuesday potentially reaching 31°C (88°F).

The hot weather will hit the East of England, the South East, the capital and the East Midlands, which have been on "heatwave Level 2 status".

Temperatures at 10am has already reached 25°C in the Anglia region. Credit: Met Office

Temperatures have already started to climb in the Anglia region.

It had reached 25°C (77°F) in Weybourne on the north Norfolk coast by 10am on Tuesday.

The last time temperatures soared above 30°C (86°F) in September was in 2006 in Kew Gardens, which hit 30.5C (87°F) on 11 September. <

If the mercury rises above 31.6°C (88.9°F), which was reached at Gatwick on 2 September 1961, then it will be the hottest day for 55 years.

Ambulance service issues hot weather warning

Hot weather warning. Credit: ITV News Anglia

With hot weather predicted in this region over the next few days, the East of England Ambulance Service is reminding people to stay safe in the sun.

They are advising those who head outdoors to wear sun cream and drink plenty of water. In extreme cases the hot weather can cause heat stroke.

Clinical lead Dave Allen said: "Everyone welcomes the warm weather and we want everyone to make the most of it, but to enjoy it and not needing to call 999."

  • Wear a hat
  • Take particular care when the sun is at its hottest between 11am and 3pm, sticking to shady areas where possible
  • Wear plenty of high-factor sun cream and don't forget to top up regularly, and replenish after swimming.
  • Use insect repellent if you are prone to bites
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • If planning a barbecue, take all the usual precautions, ensure food is cooked thoroughly and protect yourself and others from flames.
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