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Weather warning issued for strong winds in Norfolk and Suffolk

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds in Norfolk and Suffolk.

The weather warning is in force from noon until 9pm on Thursday 14 January

A yellow weather warning has been issued for strong winds in Norfolk and Suffolk. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office says a period of northerly gales, and locally severe gales along the coast, will develop over eastern parts of Yorkshire by midday, moving south to affect coastal parts of Lincolnshire and then across Norfolk and Suffolk by early evening.

Gusts of 50-60 mph are possible inland and locally 70 mph along the coast.

"Very strong northerly winds are expected to develop as a deepening area of low pressure moves east into the southern North Sea during today.

"The strongest winds are expected to affect the coast, but even inland some gusts of 60 mph seem likely."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's assessment


Firefighters rescue schoolchildren trapped in flood water

Six schoolchildren have been rescued by firefighters after their bus became trapped in flood water in Essex.

The bus became stranded in flood water at Mill Hill in Farnham, Essex after the engine cut out. Credit: Essex Fire & Rescue Service

The bus was stuck in a flooded narrow lane at Farnham near Bishop's Stortford after a nearby stream overflowed following heavy rainfall overnight.

Leading Firefighter Dave Morland said: “The bus was in a narrow lane and had stopped to let a lorry go the other way. The water was deeper than he expected.

"It seems as the driver waited, water entered the exhaust, causing the bus problems and the engine cut out leaving the driver and his six passengers stranded.

"We carried the children to the water bank, they were all very brave and we were pleased to get them safely out pof their predicament quickly and safely. A local company took them into their office where they warmed up."

– Dave Morland, Essex Fire & Rescue Service
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