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Met Office updates windy weather warning for the Anglia region on Friday

The yellow weather warning for strong winds is in force early on Friday. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office has updated its yellow weather warning for strong winds in the Anglia region on Friday.

Winds could gust at 50-70 mph especially near the coast.

The Met Office says the public should be aware of the risk of damage to trees, disruption to travel and possibly to power supplies.

The warning is in force from 0010 hrs to 0900 hrs on Friday 12 December

"There is the potential for gales, severe along some coasts, and accompanied by heavy rain, to spread across southern areas of England and Wales during the early hours of Friday, before easing during the morning. Gusts may reach 50 to 60 mph inland and perhaps around 70 mph in some exposed coastal districts."



Afternoon temperatures of just 3°C on the coldest day for more than a year

Temperatures have peaked at just 3°C across large parts of the Anglia region this afternoon on what may be the coldest day since spring 2013.

Temperatures at 1pm Thursday afternoon across East Anglia. Credit: Met Office.

The cold air over the east of England this afternoon has its origins from the near continent and it has been kept chilled underneath thick, low cloud.

Whilst today's temperatures are below the December daytime average of 7°C, it is not especially unusual to experience this kind of chilly, dull weather in winter. The fact that it is likely to be the coldest day since spring 2013 is more indicative of the consistently mild weather last winter than anything else.

Met Office issues fog warning for Anglia region on Saturday night

Area covered by a Met Office yellow weather warning for fog on Saturday night into Sunday Credit: Met Office

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog across the Anglia region on Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday.

The warning is valid until 6am on Sunday 30 November 2014

The Met Office says: "Patches of fog already forming will become more widespread during the rest of Saturday evening and into the early hours of Sunday with the visibility falling to less than 100 metres in places.

"Later in the night the fog will tend to lift onto hills, before clearing from the northwest as the breeze increases."

Areas of fog will develop through Saturday evening under clear skies, particularly affecting southwest England and the West Country at first, then increasingly other parts of southern and eastern England, before thinning again later in the night as a weather front moves southeastwards bringing a band of cloud and some light rain or drizzle.

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's assessment

What causes warm or cold winters in the UK?

Monday 1 December marks the start of the meteorological winter but why do winters in the UK vary so much year to year, from mild to cold and from wet to dry?

In this video, ITV Weather Forecaster Aidan McGivern examines the main global influences of the UK's weather during the coldest season of the year.


More than 40 flood warnings and alerts still force in the Anglia region

Location of flood warnings (red) and flood alerts (orange) at 7am on Monday Credit: Environment Agency

The Environment Agency still had 15 flood warnings and 27 of the lower level flood alerts in place early on Monday morning after a weekend of heavy rain.

More than a fortnight's worth of rain fell in a day on Sunday in some parts of the Anglia region. It ran off already saturated ground and into swollen rivers.

It's expect that water levels will begin to fall during Monday as a mainly dry and sunny day is forecast.

Temperatures fell below freezing in the early hours of Monday in some parts of the Anglia region.

Send your images of any flooding in your part of the region to

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