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Children watching the partial eclipse

Children from Brundall Primary School in Norfolk managed to get a glimpse of today's partial solar eclipse.

Children performing a sun dance in the hope to seeing the eclipse Credit: ITV Anglia
Children at Brundall Primary have studied the eclipse Credit: ITV Anglia

Some of the children performed a sun dance in the playground hoping that the cloud would disperse and they were lucky.

For just a short while the eclipse was visible.

The eclipse at Brundall as captured by our cameraman Sean Cockrell Credit: ITV Anglia
Children at Brundall with their safety viewers Credit: ITV Anglia

Some of the children used special eclipse glasses to watch safely, while others made special viewers to keep their eyes safe

One child at Brundall used his dad's welding visor Credit: ITV Anglia

Pictures of today's solar eclipse in the East

For many people cloud cover spoilt the view of today's solar eclipse, however here are some of the images of the eclipse in East Anglia.

The cloud broke just in time at Brancaster in Norfolk for Pebbles Photography to capture this picture Credit: Pebbles Photography
Barry Williams took this picture in Sheringham Credit: Barry Williams
Teresa Felton took this picture in Peterborough Credit: Teresa Felton
Christopher Archer took this in King's Lynn Credit: Christopher Archer
Bob Ames captured the eclipse in Huntingdon Credit: Bob Ames
Simon Hodge took this in Bedford Credit: Simon Hodge
Vincent Hopper took this at Chatteris Credit: Vincent Hopper
Elaine Coles took this picture of a confused fox during the eclipse in Northampton Credit: Elaine Coles
Steve Snell took this picture at March in Cambridgeshire Credit: Steve Snell
John Wells took this picture at North Walsham in Norfolk Credit: John Wells
The peak of the eclipse in Wellingborough Credit: Jonathon Stevens, ITV Anglia
Our cameraman Jonathon Stevens captured the eclipse in Wellingborough Credit: Jonathon Stevens, ITV Anglia
Samantha Stevenson took this picture at Aspley Guise in Buckinghamshire Credit: Samantha Stevenson
Wicken in Northants by Terry Levitt Credit: Terry Levitt
Aidan looks for the eclipse with his home made safety box Credit: ITV Anglia
At the height of the eclipse cars in Norwich needed lights and some streetlights were on Credit: ITV Anglia

If you've got a picture of the eclipse please send it to us


Clouds part across Northamptonshire in time for the eclipse

The best partial solar eclipse since 1999 has begun across the Anglia region but for many the view is spoilt by cloud.

With the eclipse reaching a peak just after half nine this morning, the cloud is breaking up just in time across parts of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire with promising signs for Milton Keynes and the far west of Norfolk.

Satellite image at 9am as the eclipse gets underway across the Anglia region Credit: Met Office.

Elsewhere, unfortunately, the overcast skies are expected to stay - at least until after the eclipse.


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