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New Zealand helicopter crash: Operation to recover victims put on hold

New Zealand's Fox Glacier. Credit: PA

The operation to recover the seven victims killed in a helicopter crash in New Zealand is likely to be postponed until later this week, police have confirmed.

Cambridge couple Andrew Virco, 50, and his partner Katharine Walker, 51, were among those who lost their lives when the aircraft came down on the Fox Glacier on the country's South Island on Saturday (November 21).

Police have already managed to recover three of the victims but bad weather conditions mean that the operation has now been put on hold.

"The site is near the top of the glacier, it’s all ice, it’s not level and there are blocks of ice as big as buildings with crevasses between them.

There will be danger in getting teams into the area and traversing the area. While we’re determined to return these people to their families, this will be a complex and technical task with an emphasis on the safety of those involved.”

– New Zealand Police

Cambridge couple among those killed in New Zealand helicopter crash

The helicopter crashed into a snowy crevasse on the Fox Glacier. Credit: Reuters

A couple from Cambridge were among seven people killed in a helicopter crash in New Zealand.

Andrew Virco, 50, and his partner Katharine Walker, 51, were on a sightseeing trip to the country's South Island when the aircraft crashed into a crevasse on the Fox Glacier on Saturday morning (November 21).

The crash happened on the Fox Glacier. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A couple from Hampshire and two people from Australia also lost their lives, as did the pilot from New Zealand.

Police had been initially unable to reach the crash site but the bodies of three of the victims have now been recovered.

They will be formally identified in the coming days.

"The recovery operation is under way on Fox Glacier and Police are working to progress this as far as possible while the weather allows.

The operation is extremely challenging and the safety of those working at the scene is of paramount importance.

Police can now release the names of those people whom we believe were on the helicopter when it crashed, however formal identification of the victims will take some time."

– New Zealand Police


Candles lit at local church for Essex man killed in Paris attacks

Candles were lit at Weeley Church. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Candles have been lit at an church in Essex in memory of a man killed in the Paris terror attacks.

Friends and relatives of Nick Alexander also signed a book of condolence at Weeley Church.

Nick Alexander was shot dead at the Bataclan concert hall. Credit: Family Photo

Nick, who was 36, was shot when the Bataclan concert hall was stormed by terrorists eight days ago.

More than 130 people lost their lives in the attacks.

Eagles of Death Metal pay tribute to Paris attacks victim

The band whose concert was targeted in the Paris terror attacks has paid tribute to the man from Essex who died there.

Nick Alexander from Colchester was selling merchandise at the Bataclan concert hall when gunmen opened fire.

Our thoughts and hearts are first and foremost with our brother Nick Alexander

– Eagles of Death Metal

Fundraising page for Essex victim of Paris attack reaches almost $100,000

Nick Alexander was shot dead at the Bataclan concert hall. Credit: Family Photo

A fundraising page dedicated to the Colchester man killed in the Paris terror attacks has almost quadrupled its intended goal.

The GoFundMe memorial was set up by a friend of Nick Alexander, who was shot dead at the Bataclan concert hall on Friday, and has so far raised $94,750 (approx £62,800). It was originally planned to raise $25,000.

The page people are donating via. Credit: gofundme


Fighter jets from the East involved in fresh strikes against Islamic State

Fighter jets from the East of England have been involved in fresh airstrikes against Islamic State militants, in wake of the Paris terror attacks.

The Ministry of Defence said Tornado fighters from RAF Marham yesterday dropped a bomb killing a group of more than 30 militants who had opened fire on Kurds in northern Iraq.

The RAF jets also destroyed mortar positions and a hit a terrorist vehicle with a Hellfire missile.

Fighter planes from RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall have also been involved in strikes in Syria since the Paris attacks.

Fighter jets from the East have been involved in fresh strikes against Islamic State militants. Credit: ITV Anglia

"The first flight used a Paveway bomb to destroy a mortar position which had opened fire on the Kurds. The following mission destroyed a heavy machine gun near Mosul with a Paveway IV, then proceeded west towards Sinjar.

"There was heavy cloud, which may have encouraged the terrorists to assume that they were safe from air attack, but, working very closely with the Kurdish forces, the GR4s were able to guide a Paveway on to a large group of over 30 Daesh terrorists who were massing for a counter-attack; the Kurdish unit subsequently reported that the air strike had been highly effective.

"The Tornado patrol then destroyed another Isil mortar position south-west of Sinjar."

– Ministry of Defence statement

Muslim leaders vow extremists won't tear communities apart

Following the terrorist atrocity in Paris last Friday the region stands together with a message that extremists won't tear our communities apart.

Muslim leaders in Luton have spoken of their determination that the killers won't cause rifts in peaceful communities living here.

Across the east today hundreds of people from different faith groups gathered to show their solidarity with those who lost their lives.

Watch Olivia Kinsley's report below.

Peace rally being held in Luton after Paris attacks

People gather for 'peace rally' in Luton Credit: ITV News Anglia

Around 150 people gathered in Luton ready for a peace rally to be held this afternoon.

They also took part in a 2 minute silence to remember the victims of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Representatives from the Christian community, Muslims, police, council and local residents all took part.

Representatives from different religious communities joined police and council staff for the rally Credit: ITV News Anglia

"In Luton we share French values of liberte, egalite, fraternite".

– Mayor Dave Hodgson

'Liberte, egalite, fraternite' meaning freedom, equality and fraternity, the motto used in the French Revolution.

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