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Appeal for witnesses after suspected acid attack on couple

Police are appealing for witnesses after a couple walking home in Daventry were victims of a suspected acid attack involving two men on a moped.

A 23-year-old man and 19 year old woman were sprayed with what's believed to be acid - at the zebra crossing near Park Leys on Saturday morning.

One of the offenders also brandished a machete before they rode off.

The victims were treated for minor injuries and police say there is an increase in this type of attack.

When this type of incident does occur, people should apply water to the victims of this type of attack and call 999.

It's a really really callous attack. Very fortunately in this case, the victims are not badly injured. We know that people can be terribly injured and have life-changing and life long injuries. If anybody is thinking about carrying this type of substance, think again.

The consequences are awful and we will pursue them and make sure they get the maximum possible sentence.

There is definitely an increase in this type of attack and at this point of time it is very difficult to understand why.

– Detective Chief Inspector Louise Hemingway, Northamptonshire police

Southend Pier evacuated after suspect package found

Hundreds came to watch the 54th Annual Southend-on-Sea Pier Barge Match Credit: ITV News Anglia

Visitors to the Southend-on-sea Barge match have been told to evacuate the area after a suspect package was found under the pier.

People have been told to get on the train which travels to and from the pier and aren't being allowed to walk down the pier.

It was later identified by the coastguard as a lump of concrete and not suspicious.

Services to the pier train were disrupted temporarily and resumed at midday.

Hundreds of people flocked to the seaside town to watch the races from 10am this morning.

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