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Coffee company's scheme raises money for Kenyan school

An independent coffee merchants based in Suffolk has come up with a unique way to help customers contribute directly to the farmers who produce their coffee in Kenya.

Paddy and Scott's are giving people the chance to buy their own coffee tree at a farm in the East African country.

The farm also has a school on site. Credit: Paddy and Scott's.

Money will go direct to the farmer. Extra revenue will also help a community school, which is situated on the farm.

We wanted to create an option where we could allow the consumer to deal direct with the farmer and to create authenticity and to feel a connection, what better way to do that than to allow the consumer to own their own tree on the farm.

– Scott Russell, Founder of Paddy and Scott's


Remains of WWII Lancaster bomber recovered in Holland

  • Video report by ITV News' Kate Hemingway

The grandsons of a pilot who was killed flying a Lancaster Bomber over the Netherlands in World War Two, have been able to pay tribute to him thanks to a team of archaeologists.

The pair, who live in Newmarket and Essex, visited workers who are retrieving parts of the plane from the bottom of a Dutch waterway.

The aircraft was en route to a bombing raid in Germany when it was shot down.

Work to uncover the plane's wreckage has involved building a dam and draining parts of the waterway.

Dashcam footage captures 'sonic boom' over Suffolk

A woman has captured the 'sonic boom' that was felt by many underneath the Stansted flight path.

Angela Welham-Hagan caught the noise on her dashcam outside her house in Stowmarket.

RAF fighter jets scrambled to escort a Luton bound flight into Stansted airport yesterday morning.

The passenger plane was escorted to Stansted after reports of a security alert on board.

Essex Police later said nothing suspicious was found on the plane.

Cash machine blown up by thieves in Northamptonshire

Officers are looking for witnesses and information following the aggravated burglary in Crick. Credit: Richard Thompson

A cash machine at a store in Crick has been blown up by thieves.

Officers were called to the Co-op in High Street around 2am on Wednesday 4 October.

Gas canisters were used to blow up the cashpoint outside the shop.

Crowbars were used to force entry into the store and steal the cash boxes from the ATM, before the offenders made off in a car.

Police say there were four offenders, wearing dark clothing and balaclavas, who were seen driving off in a white Audi hatchback towards Yelvertoft and West Haddon.

  • Anyone with information can contact Northamptonshire Police on 101. Alternatively, they can call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


Firefighters wrapped children in cling film for a joke

The crew at Southend fire station has been suspended from community events Credit: ITV News Anglia

An investigation has been launched after a Essex firefighter reportedly wrapped two children in cling film.

The incident, which involved the children of a crew member, happened at a fire station in Southend.

Their mother, who posted photos on Facebook, said it was intended as a joke, but she accepted "we should not have played around like this at the fire station".

The service said the watch had been put on "core duties only", meaning it cannot carry out community work.

A spokesman for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service said: "We believe that no harm was caused to the children, and that the parents were present throughout the event.

"The firefighters involved are embarrassed and regretful of how this event has been interpreted."

Passengers on plane diverted to Stansted talk to ITV Anglia News

The Ryanair flight being escorted into Stansted Airport this morning

Passengers on board a Ryanair flight that was diverted from Luton to Stansted after a security scare have been talking about what happened.

The plane was escorted by an RAF Typhoon fighter which created a sonic boom as it flew over Suffolk just before nine o'clock this morning (Weds)

After landing safely passengers were taken by coach to Luton.

Click below to hear what they had to say to ITV Anglia reporter Russell Hookey

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