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Aid flight carrying Brits due to land at Stansted Airport

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has tweeted that a UK aid flight has left Kathmandu carrying British nationals.

He said: "UK aid flight now departed Kathmandu airport on return journey with c120 British nationals on board."

The flight is expected to land at Stansted Airport in the early hours of the morning.


Earthquake aid efforts in the East

The latest prediction from the devastation in Nepal is that as many as 10,000 people may have been killed and 8 million affected. The race is now on to get aid, in part from the East, through to the survivors of the earthquake.

Reports from the country suggest many are being forced to live outside because of the dangers posed by aftershocks. Food, water and shelter are all in short supply.

Matthew Hudson reports on the efforts being made to prevent further loss of life...

Quake fears for fireman and wife

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue are concerned for the safety of Crew Commander Clive Wilkinson and his wife Heather, last heard of trekking in the Langtang region, north of Kathmandu, Nepal. Clive was last in contact with his sister Karen Wilkinson-Bell, who lives in Yorkshire, after the main earthquake struck the region but contact has been lost with him since then.

The Deputy Chief Fire Officer of Bedfordshire, Glen Ranger, has made contact with one of the international Fire and Rescue Service search teams deployed to the area to assist in locating and contacting him.

Clive and Heather Wilkinson live in Shefford, Bedfordshire, and Clive has been with Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service since 1989. He is currently Crew Commander at Kempston Community Fire Station.

Clive sponsors a child in Nepal and has a history of working with young people in the UK including sailing with young people to help them develop as part of a team in often challenging conditions. He participated in a Tall Ships event in Baltic and Norway 2013/2014.

My brother has been supporting a family in Nepal since he first travelled there 10 years ago, and had met up with them in Kathmandu only last week, before he and Heather embarked on their trek through the Langtang Valley. I know he will be very concerned for his local friends there, and doing what he can to help.

– Karen Wilkinson-Bell, Clive's sister

Glen Ranger, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, said: "At present the Service has Clive, his wife and family in our thoughts and we have offered any support and assistance we can give to his family. We will keep in contact with the Fire and Rescue Search team in Nepal to assist in locating him as soon as possible. It is possible he is helping with the rescue efforts there already."

– Glen Ranger, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Bedfordshire

Northampton woman caught up in Nepal earthquake tells of lucky escape

A woman from Northampton who was caught up in the deadly earthquake in Nepal has had a lucky escape.

Hayley Saul had been visiting a village in Kathmandu - just two hours before the quake struck and completely wiped it out.

Hayley and her friend have been telling how they were left running for their lives as boulders crashed beside them and the path they were trekking on disappeared.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Matthew Hudson


Norfolk woman had to "outrun" avalanche caused by Nepal earthquake

Selina Dicker has been climbing Mount Everest. Credit: Selina Dicker

A woman from Norfolk has told her family how she outran an avalanche on Mount Everest which was caused by the Nepal earthquake.

Gail Dicker from Ranworth near Norwich has been closely following progress of the rescue mission.

Miss Dicker had to run for her life. Credit: Selina Dicker

She's spoken to her daughter Selina by satellite phone who told her a wall of snow came down the mountain, claiming the life of one person in her party and injuring two others.

Selina is an experienced climber and this is her second attempt at climbing Everest.

Click below to hear from Gail Dicker

"Selina is very lucky that she managed to get underneath a ridge that protected her from the avalanche.

She was an hour and a half below base camp when she rang yesterday and she says she's out of the avalanche zone."

– Gail Dicker

Everest climbers safely at Base Camp

Some of the team who're on Everest Credit: ITV Anglia

The Mountain Trust has tweeted to say its team of climbers is safely at Base Camp. The team were stuck at camp 1 as the icefall was 'impassable' but have now been rescued by helicopter and are at Base Camp recovering kit and staying there to assist.

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