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'Killing with kindness' campaign launched to protect the homeless

Cambridgeshire police launch 'Killing with kindness'campaign Credit: ITV News Anglia

A campaign by Cambridgeshire police is being launched asking people not to give their spare change to the homeless.

'Killing with kindness' aims to make people aware that their money could be used to buy drugs which could then end up killing the person they are trying to help.

Police say there is overwhelming evidence showing that people who beg on the streets of Cambridgeshire do this to buy hard drugs such as heroin, along with super strength alcohol.

Police are working closely with Cambridge City Council and Peterborough City Council along with a number of homeless organisations.

Victim attacked with glass bottle at Northamptonshire nightclub

Police are trying to trace an offender who attacked a man at a nightclub in Northamptonshire with a glass bottle, leaving him with extensive facial injuries.

The victim was with friends at The Loft nightclub in Kettering at about 2.50am on Sunday, 14 February.

There was a confrontation between this group and another group of men, during which one of the men attacked the victim.

The offender is described as white and aged between 18 and 22.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Northamptonshire police.


US airstrikes launched from Suffolk RAF base target jihadist linked to Tunisia massacre

In total 28 people were killed in the massacre.

A US air raid on an Islamic State training camp in Libya was launched from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk.

A terrorist behind the attack on a Tunisian beach resort last June that left 30 Britons dead is believed to have been killed in the US airstrike.

The US reportedly bombed an Islamic State camp in Libya this morning where approximately 40 people were killed - including senior Tunisian militant Noureddine Chouchane.

30 Britons died in the attack including Philip Heathcote from Suffolk

Chouchane is suspected of being behind two attacks, including one on a beach resort in Sousse where 30 Britons were killed including Philip Heathcote from Felixstowe in Suffolk.

The air strikes hit the training camp in Sabratha, around 43 miles west of Tripoli.

Based at a farmhouse, the camp was targeted at approximately 3.30am local time - where 30 suspected ISIS recruits were killed.

The mayor of Sabratha put the death toll at 41, and said the majority of those killed were Tunisians.

"I welcome this strike that has taken out a Daesh (Islamic State) training camp being used to train terrorists to carry out attacks. I was satisfied that its destruction makes us all safer and I personally authorised the use of our bases."

– Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

Region's soldiers to train African troops

They will spend three months on a peace keeping mission. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Soldiers from the Queen's Dragoon Guards - otherwise known as the Welsh Cavalry - are to go to Sierra Leone to train the country's Armed Forces.

A 58-strong team from the 'A' Squadron, based at Swanton Morely in Norfolk, will spend three months on a peace keeping mission.

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