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Charity worker describes 'wide-spread panic' as second quake hits Nepal

A worker for Milton Keynes-based charity World Vision has described the scenes in Nepal after the country was hit by the second major earthquake in weeks.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia via Skype she described the scenes as the quake struck.

Instantly there was wide-spread panic. People ran screaming onto the streets. People here are still reeling from the April earthquake and clearly it came a little too close to home because on the street there was absolute mayhem. People were crying, screaming, trying to use their phones to reach their families with very little luck.

People are already absolutely living in fear from the April earthquake and this was the most powerful earthquake that they've felt. The walls were literally shaking and several hours afterwards we continued to experience very severe shocks and I can still see the community out on the street. They don't know what to do with themselves.

– Kayla Robertson, World Vision


Dunkirk lifeboat journeys back to France

A wooden lifeboat which took part in the evacuation of troops from Dunkirk in the Second World War has begun retracing her journey to France 75 years ago.

The 35ft Lucy Lavers Credit: ITV News Anglia

The 35ft Lucy Lavers was completed in 1940. Her first rescue was as part of the Dunkirk Evacuation - code-named Operation Dynamo - in May that year. A convoy consisting of all manner of boats, including yachts, ferries, and barges made the journey across the English Channel, to rescue beleaguered troops from northern France.

Now the Lucy Lavers is taking part in the 75th anniversary commemorations of the Evacuation, visiting towns along the East Coast. Today she is due to stop in Aldeburgh.

Her final UK stop will be in Ramsgate in east Kent, where she will join a flotilla of other little ships to cross the channel to Dunkirk once more.

Cambridge teenager 'hid under table' when earthquake struck

A teenager from Cambridge who survived the earthquake in Nepal has described the moment it struck.

Kate Penty was reunited with her family at Stansted Airport this morning. She was among more than 100 Britons who flew back from Nepal today.

She had to run for shelter when the quake hit but says that she didn't initially realise the scale of the tragedy unfolding around her.

Click below to hear Kate Penty's story


Aid flight carrying Brits due to land at Stansted Airport

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has tweeted that a UK aid flight has left Kathmandu carrying British nationals.

He said: "UK aid flight now departed Kathmandu airport on return journey with c120 British nationals on board."

The flight is expected to land at Stansted Airport in the early hours of the morning.

Earthquake aid efforts in the East

The latest prediction from the devastation in Nepal is that as many as 10,000 people may have been killed and 8 million affected. The race is now on to get aid, in part from the East, through to the survivors of the earthquake.

Reports from the country suggest many are being forced to live outside because of the dangers posed by aftershocks. Food, water and shelter are all in short supply.

Matthew Hudson reports on the efforts being made to prevent further loss of life...

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