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US airlines ban transport of trophy kill animals

Three US airlines have banned the transport of lion, leopard, elephant, rhino or buffalo killed by trophy hunters.

Dr Jan Seski poses next to a dead elephant. Credit:

It comes after the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by US dentist Walter Palmer last month sparked outrage around the world.

Since then at least two other 'trophy hunters' - Americans Dr Jan Seski and Sabrina Corgatelli - have been named online.

American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines have now refused to transport animals known as the "big five" in Africa as they are the hardest to kill on foot.

Zimbabwe has called for the extradition of Palmer after two Zimbabweans were charged over the illegal hunt.

The 13-year-old lion was a protected animal and was fitted with a GPS collar as part of an Oxford University study which the poachers tried to destroy.


Cecil the lion's close ally Jericho 'is not dead'

An ally of Cecil, the lion killed in Zimbabwe by an American hunter last month, is not dead, a researcher monitoring the pride has said, contradicting earlier reports that Jericho had been killed.

"He looks alive and well to me as far as I can tell," said Brent Stapelkamp, field researcher for the Hwange Lion Research Project, which is monitoring the lion with a GPS tag.

Cecil the lion was allegedly killed by American dentist Walter Palmer. Credit: Reuters

Yesterday, a group called the Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force, which is not an official government agency, posted on its Facebook page that Jericho had been killed after a case of "mistaken identity".

The report was then picked up by media outlets and prompted a furious reaction on Twitter where animal lovers had already been expressing their fury at the killing of Cecil, a rare black-maned lion, that was a popular tourist attraction.

Stapelkamp said readings from Jericho's GPS tag indicated he was moving around as usual and appeared to be with a female.

When I heard that report, I had a look on the computer and his movements look regular. He sent a GPS point from his collar from 8:06 p.m. (1806 GMT). Everything looks fine.

– Brent Stapelkamp, Hwange Lion Research Project

Heartbreak as Cecil the lion's brother is 'shot dead'

Cecil and Walter Palmer. Credit: ITV News

The brother of Cecil the lion was reportedly shot dead in Zimbabwe today.

The Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force said it was "absolutely heartbroken" by the news of Jericho's death.

Jericho was the next lion in the hierarchy and was said to be looking after Cecil's cubs after he was killed by US dentist Walter Palmer.

The Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force said on Facebook: "It is with huge disgust and sadness that we have just been informed that Jericho, Cecil's brother has been killed at 4pm today. We are absolutely heartbroken."


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