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An app for the afterlife

It's not a subject we like to talk about too much, but sadly death does come to us all eventually.

In an attempt to take away some of the stress surrounding it, one independent manufacturer of coffins has produced an app for our pc's and tablets to help us choose the best casket.

With the app for the afterlife, you can even choose which handles and lids you'd prefer!

Paul Crone reports from Annan:

How could life change if Scotland vote 'yes'?

In four weeks time, people in Scotland will decide whether to become an independent country.

But if Scots vote for independence, how could life change for people living near the border in Cumbria and the South of Scotland?

Our reporter Joe Pike has been to the UK's only existing international land border - between Ireland and Northern Ireland - to find out.

Trains to run on Borders Railway from 6 September 2015

It's been a very long wait but today we finally got the date.

The first trains will run on the new Borders Railway on 6 September next year.

The First Minister, Alex Salmond visited the region this morning to make the announcement.

He also revealed plans to boost tourism by giving the Great Tapestry of Scotland a permanent home at Tweedbank station.

Kathryn Samson reports:


Calls for cross-border train fares to be simplified

Rail campaigners and a Cumbrian MP are calling for cross-border train fares to be simplified.

Lookaround has discovered that you can save more than £80 on journeys between Carlisle and the north of Scotland by breaking the journey down, and buying two tickets instead of one.

It's a process known as split-ticketing. Campaigners say it's unfair for people who don't know how to work the system.

Katie Hunter reports:

Cumbrian man dies after falling from Sussex pier

A man from west Cumbria has fallen to his death from an historic pier in Sussex.

Stephen Penrice, who was 44 and from Maryport, died while working on the fire-damaged Eastbourne pier.

A well-known figure in Maryport, and in rugby circles in west Cumbria, devastated friends have been remembering a man who always had a smile on his face.

Our Correspondent Hannah McNulty has the story.

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