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Plenty of soup for 'tomarrow'

Now, if you haven't had your five portions of fruit and veg yet today, how about this?

Ken McKeating from Workington has grown not one but two giant marrows each weighing over 70 lbs.

His prize winning veg have been donated to a residential home in the town and as Paul Crone reports, marrow soup could be on the menu for quite some time.


Saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft dies

Raphael Ravenscroft Credit: ITV News Border

The musician who played what's been called the most famous saxophone solo of all time has died.

Raphael Ravenscroft played the eight-bar riff on the 1978 Gerry Rafferty hit Baker Street. He died yesterday, aged sixty, at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, but spent much of his young life in Dumfries, where his father lived.


Giant marrows on the menu

Marrow soup is on the menu for residents at Stilecroft Residential Home, after a local man donated two of the huge vegetables.

Stilecroft residential care home manager Lizzie Forbes with giant marrow. Credit: ITV News Border

They were asked to guess the weight of the first marrow that Ken McKeating, of Bridgefoot, Workington, donated to the home, with the closest guesser winning the prize marrow. Half of the money raised would also go to the winner, with the remainder being donated to the Home.

But when the marrow began to rot, Ken was called in with a new, fresh marrow, that was almost as big.

The new marrow will be used to make soup, chutney or will be stuffed and baked.

Care Worker Guilty Of Care Home Abuse

A care worker, William Bowman, has been found guilty at Carlisle Crown Court of sexually assaulting an elderly resident at Beacon Edge Nursing Home in Penrith in January 2014.

William Bowman also pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing along with two other defendants for the ill treatment of 10 elderly residents between the 26th January 2013 and the 22nd September 2013.

“The three defendants physically and verbally abused vulnerable men and women for their own amusement and today William Bowman has been found guilty of sexual assault. The CPS and police take all instances of abuse against older people extremely seriously, and are determined to bring anyone who abuses them before the courts.”

– Isla Chilton, Senior Crown Prosecutor

Borderers urged to prepare for winter

Prepare for winter Credit: ITV News Border

Residents in the Scottish Borders are being encouraged to prepare for winter now.

Scottish Borders Council's Ready for Winter campaign is being launched today, asking people to prepare for winter at home, before a journey, in the workplace and in the community.

Scottish Government-commissioned research has found that almost nine out of ten car owners believe they are prepared for an emergency, largely because three-quarters carry an ice-scraper and de-icer.

7% had experienced an extreme weather emergency in the past year, with higher levels in rural areas. Of these, two-fifths claimed they got together with neighbours to help them cope.

“Scottish Borders Council is pleased to once again support the Ready for Winter campaign. It is vital everyone is prepared for every kind of severe weather that any season of the year can now throw at them – it takes more than just putting a de-icer and ice-scraper in your car. There are simple steps that residents, businesses and communities can take to reduce the risks, with plenty helpful advice available on the SBC and Ready for Winter websites.”

– Cllr Gordon Edgar, Scottish Borders Council

Be Bright Be Safe at night

Motorists in Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders are being advised to take extra care as the clocks change this weekend from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time, and the coming of the longer and darker nights arrive.

The police are advising people to make the following two measures;

  • Check lights on vehicles and cycles alike
  • Dress brightly, and if you can, wear reflective gear.

“Whether you use the road as a driver of a vehicle, a cyclist, a horse rider or a pedestrian, we ask everyone take extra care and to consider their visibility to other road users as they go about.”

– Neil Hewitson Inspector of the Roads Policing Unit
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