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First Milk accused of 'letting a lot of people down'

First Milk has been accused of 'letting a lot of people down'.

The cooperative, which delayed payments to producers, was among organisations questioned at Holyrood today as MSPs begin an inquiry into the drop in milk prices.

Among those giving evidence was dairy farmer Kenneth Campbell, who is confident the industry in Dumfries and Galloway will survive.


Careers day with a difference

The pupils each have ten minutes to grill the professionals Credit: ITV Border

A local school has held a careers day with a bit of a difference in an effort to make it more fun for those involved.

St.Benedict's School in Whitehaven has set up a classroom full of professionals and given each of its Year 9 pupils ten minutes to grill them on their job.

The structure is similar to that of speed dating.

The school hopes that it will open up the pupils to the possibility of careers that they may never have considered.

Local MP calls for decision over Lake District National Park boundaries

Lake District National Park Credit: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

Local MP Tim Farron has called for a decision regarding proposals to extend the boundaries of some national parks, including the Lake District National Park.

The proposals were first set out by Natural England in 2011 in a bid to increase the areas that can be conserved.

However, some residents and business say that if passed, the proposals would mean much tighter planning regulations.

Last year, a public inquiry was held after five councils, including Cumbria and Eden District , opposed the changes.

Mr Farron says the current uncertainty over the plans is worse than either outcome and has called for a decision to be made.

Appeal for witnesses to Galashiels' break-in

Police are appealing for witnesses to a break-in at a LA Beauty in Galashiels Credit: PA

Police in the Borders are appealing for witnesses to a break-in at a hairdressers in Galashiels.

The incident occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning at LA Beauty on Elm Row.

The break-in happened at around 1.30am and a number of items were taken from within.

The suspect was wearing a black puffa jacket and was last seen heading in the direction of the town centre.

Officers are now asking for anyone who can help with their enquiries to contact Police Scotland.


Plans for a wind farm in Wigtown Bay

There is a proposal to build seven turbines Credit: PA

There is a proposal to develop a wind farm in Wigtown Bay.

It is claimed the seven turbines would power 10,000 homes.

The company responsible for the plans, Ecotricity, also states that the development would benefit local contractors.

However opponents argue that the turbines would ruin the beauty of the local landscape, which would damage the area's tourism trade.

Local business fills in pothole out of frustration

The pothole before it was filled in Credit: ITV Border

A local business has has taken it upon itself to fill in a pothole despite having no obligation to do so.

It follows a dispute over who is responsible for the maintenance of the road.

The Warwick Bridge Business Centre filled in the pothole that lies outside 'Sally's tearoom' in Warwick Bridge, despite the land having nothing to do with them.

The pothole was filled in by a local business Credit: ITV Border

It is currently unclear who is responsible for maintaining the road, with Cumbria County Council claiming it has no role to play in the roads upkeep.

“Unadopted road and private roads are the responsibility of the householders or landowners to maintain.

"Because of this it would not be appropriate to use taxpayers money to fund road repairs.”

– Spokesperson, Cumbria County Council

Police ask motorists to drive with 'extra caution' following Amber weather warning

An Amber weather warning has been issued by The Met Office Credit: Met Office

Police Scotland has issued travel advice to motorists following an Amber weather warning from The Met Office.

The warning means people should be prepared for widespread snow showers across across our region during Wednesday evening, through into Thursday morning.

Strong, gusting winds will lead to drifting and blizzard conditions at times, especially over higher routes.

Police are asking motorists to drive with extra caution, and to properly prepare before their journey.

"There is a risk of localised disruption to travel throughout Wednesday and Thursday and we would ask motorists to take precautions before they set off.

"If you are travelling you should ensure that you and your vehicle are adequately prepared for the conditions.

"Make sure you have sufficient fuel and supplies such as warm clothing, food and water in the event you are delayed for several hours.

"Charge your mobile phone and plan your route as well as alternative routes."

– nspector Neil Hewitson, Roads Policing Unit

How to make a claim for damage caused by potholes

The AA recommends a ten step plan for claiming for damage caused by potholes Credit: ITV Border

In Cumbria last year, the number of payouts for potholes went up.

If your vehicle is damaged by a pothole, you should let the authorities know as soon as possible.

The AA recommend following this ten-step plan to make a claim.

  • 1. Take notes – Write down all the key details including: location of the pothole, its size, shape and depth. Take a photograph of the pothole.
  • 2. Get the details of any witnesses to the incident.
  • 3. Get quotes for all repairs and keep all quotes, bills and garage receipts safely in one place and make copies of them to support your claim.
  • 4. Make your claim – Write to the the relevant highways authority responsible for the particular stretch of road with all the information you have gathered above.
  • 5. Prepare for rejection if the Council can prove they have a regular inspection and repair system in place
  • 6. Do your research before going back to the council, review the guidance provided on their website, check what the council is liable for and verify if they are carrying out a reasonable system of inspection and repair.
  • 7. Be willing to negotiate – If the council or local authority makes you an offer, you should seriously consider it.
  • 8. Consider the Small Claims Court if your claim is rejected
  • 9. Weigh up the pros and cons before going to court as it could be a costly, time-consuming process.
  • 10. Keep calm and remain professional when dealing with the local authority. Keep copies of all the letters and emails you send and receive.

If you are looking to claim compensation for damage caused by a pothole, it is important to note that:

  • the chances of being successful will significantly depend on whether the pothole has already been reported.
  • Councils have a statutory defence in that they cannot be held liable for a defect they are not aware of
  • If you have fully comprehensive insurance, it might also be possible to make a claim via your insurer for the damage to your vehicle.
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