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Campaign for world's oldest post office

A campaign to have the world's oldest Post Office officially recognised is gathering pace.

The building in Sanquhar has been open for business for the last 300 years.

Local history experts and politicians say more now needs to be done to highlight the post office's importance.

They say it could help to pull more tourists into the area.

The Post Office says it is looking into ways of helping.

It first opened when queen Anne was on the throne - five years after the act of union. Sanquhar's post office is the oldest in the world.

William Dalgleish, the vice chair of Sanquhar's Heritage Society, said: "It's very much part of the heritage of the town. It's a very historic town Sanquhar as you probably know.

"This is the post office that Robert Burns would use when he stayed in the hotel right across the road from us and he would use, as I say, he would use this place very often actually."

This year is the 300th anniversary of Sanquhar's post office - local councillor jim Dempster was one of those trying to get a commemorative stamp issued - only to be told he hadn't put in the request in time.

He said: "The key to this matter is the involvement of the Postal service to ensure that they too help to promote a building that has served them well for three hundred years.

"The current owners are keen to do their bit to mark this historic year for the post office.

"We would like to have some kind of small exhibition and we would like to appeal to the public to give their memories or accounts of what it was like in the past and also if they have any artefacts that would be useful. We would be very proud to loan them and use them and utilize them so all could see."

And the Post Office itself said today it wanted to back her plans although it added the issuing of commemorative stamps was done by an independent panel.