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More devolved powers

A former Borders MSP is leading a new group which says devolving more powers to Holyrood is the "best solution" for Scotland's constitutional future.

Jeremy Purvis, who represented the Lib Dems, launched the ‘Devo Plus’ campaign in Edinburgh this morning.

He claims extending the powers of the Scottish Parliament is "more popular" than the either the status quo or independence.

The launch of the group today comes as the debate over the independence referendum continues to gather momentum.

Both Prime Minister David Cameron and former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling have talked about an extension of powers for Scotland.

The SNP has not ruled out a "devo plus" option in the referendum.

Jeremy Purvis said: "The choice ahead of the people of Scotland is a clear one: whether to continue to be part of the United Kingdom or to leave it. To secure a stronger Scotland within the UK we believe there can be a better way forward. We believe we have the basis of proposals which are not only better, but more popular than the status quo and independence."

Mr Purvis said the group would use the "devo plus" proposals set out by the economic think-tank Reform Scotland as a starting point.

He added: "To reach the goal of the Scottish Parliament being responsible for raising what it spends, the proposal was that all tax powers are devolved, other than those specifically reserved.

"It is clear that a sizeable number of people in Scotland are not looking for independence or the status quo but for the best way of securing a stronger Scotland within the UK, for the long term. Devo Plus will offer precisely that.

"It is not a compromise solution. It is the best solution. It is the best way forward for Scotland regardless of the independence referendum."