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Church vandalism condemned

Four children - the youngest aged just six - have vandalised an historic church in Cumbria.

Windows were smashed and gravestones pushed over at Brampton Old Church. Even a pound was taken from the collection plate.

Those responsible are too young to be prosecuted, but will have to come face to face with some of the people affected by their crimes.

Part of Brampton old church dates back as far as the 12th century so the news that it's been vandalised by local youngsters has left people here upset and mystified.

Judith Pattinson, chairman of Brampton Parish Council, said: "There's a sense of disappointment, outrage, frustration, anger, all of those emotions because it's such a beautiful place and people cannot understand why such young children would come and want to desecrate such a lovely place."

As well as the smashed windows, nine gravestones have also been pushed over, five of them the are graves of children.

The church is normally locked up these days - it was declared redundant in 1978 but the simply beauty of the building means it's still a place that people love to visit.

Bob Allan, a trustee of Brampton Preservation Society said: "People do get upset when young children behave in a rather reckless way like this and people are also concerned because this is a very valued building in the community and it's been damaged."

Police say the children will now face what's called "Restorative justice".

Insp Diane Bradbury of Cumbria Police said: "We're going to do something called a resorative justice conference with them which means we sit down with them and the community that's been affected, maybe some of the people whose families gravestones have been knocked over and the parents and we ask a series of simple questions about what they thought would happen, what did they intend to happen and it really makes them understand their own behaviour but also the impact their behaviour has had."

The cost of the damage is still being assessed but the cost to this community may take much longer to calculate.