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Curlers confident of smashing world record

Curlers in action Photo: ITV Border

Curlers began their gruelling 72 hours of continuous curling at 10 am this morning.

The team at the Dumfries Ice Bowl have committed themselves to a marathon stretch on the ice that means they'll be there day and night till Sunday morning.

Coach Linda Owen said: "What we are going to try and do is beat the world record for the longest continuous curling game that currently stands at 57 hours and 44 seconds.

"And these guys are aiming to break that and set a new record of around 72 hours.

"So it means that there will be someone on the ice except for rest breaks for health and safety that they'll be allowed off to eat and go to the bathroom."

Curling is something of a speciality at Dumfries Ice Bowl. It has produced top players like Olympic Champion Rhona Martin, and fellow Olympians Euan Byers and Lorna Vevers.

But the next few days will be all about a group of friends and their determination to make their impact on the history of curling.

James Finaly, who is taking part, said: "Everybody seems to be participating well and finding their feet with the way things are going.

"I think that the team we've got together, and the training that we've had all the support from local businesses and local curling members, I think we're feeling fairly confident at the moment.

Asked how he would feel after 72 hours, he added: "I think we'll be tired and we'll be cold. But I think breaking the record we'll be very excited."

The team will have broken the world record by 7 o clock on Saturday evening, but will then carry on until ten o clock on Sunday morning when they hope they will have smashed the world record to pieces.