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Man admits playing golf despite claiming disability benefits

A man who was filmed playing golf despite claiming nearly40 thousand pounds in disability benefits has admitted filling in his benefitsform incorrectly.

Leigh Neilly who is 41 and from Silloth was filmed onSilloth Golf Course and renovating a friend's house by an undercoverinvestigator for the Department of Work and Pensions.

The prosecution say that he claimed nearly 39,000 poundsover a nine year period that he wasn't entitled to.

Mr Neilly admitted that he did play golf onnumerous occasions at Silloth Golf Club where he even playedcompetitively and had a handicap of 13.

On his allowance form he said that he could only walk ahundred yards in about five or ten minutes and that he was prone tofalls.

He was also filmed renovating a friends house where he wasshown painting, carrying heavy objects such as wood and also full buckets ofwater which he was seen tipping into the street.

And he was also filmed at Silloth Car Boot sale apparentlywalking and bending while browsing with no discomfort and with perfectease.

In court he said that on his form he'd made a mistakeregarding his ability to walk and hadn't meant to be dishonest however he stillmaintains that he finds difficulty in handling ordinary objects such as knives andforks, his toothbrush and often has to get his wife to shave him.

He explained the fact that he could hold a golf club bysaying that that requires a different motor neurological skill.

Mr Neilly who's been representing himself in court deniesfalse representation and a failure to inform the department of work andpensions about a change in his circumstances.

The trial continues.