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Lockerbie bomber's grounds for appeal published

The documents published in a Sunday newspaper Credit: Sunday Herald

Reverend John Mosey lost his daughter Helga in the Lockerbie attack 24 years ago. Since then, he has followed every twist and turn in the legal process to convict, and then release, Al-Megrahi: the only man ever tried for the attack.

Now a report by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission has been published by a Sunday newspaper, after lengthy legal wrangling.

It gives six grounds on which it believes Al-Megrahi may have been the victim of a miscarriage of justice. These include concerns over some evidence never revealed to Megrahi's lawyers, and reward payments to some key witnesses in the trial.

The publication of the document has been welcomed by the Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, who says he wasn't able to release it himself because it wasn't held by the Scottish Government.

Rev John Mosey is among the families of other victims calling for a public inquiry into the case.