1. ITV Report

Labour makes Carlisle city council 'top target' on May 3rd.

Ed Miliband visited Carlisle on Monday night. Photo: ITV Border

Creating jobs and cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour were the key messages from the Labour Party as they launched their election campaign in the North in Carlisle.

Ed Miliband led a Question and Answer at the Richard Rose Morton Academy. Labour lost control of the city council in 1999. It was blamed on arguments over the Millenium project re-development.

The Labour Party leader told ITV Border "We know we lost touch by the time of the last General Election and indeed as you say we haven't been in power here in Carlisle for 13 years on the Council but there is a feeling this Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition in Carlise hasn't really delivered for people here"

Mr Miliband says local councils can make a real difference.

"In the end, these local elections you know aren't about individual politicians, they're actually about the people of Britain and they are about who the people of Britain want leading them in their local councils and that's a really important decision because I think local councils can big decisions to protect childrens centres to protect local libraries to protect older people. "

The local elections are on May 3rd.