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Workington man will receive Maundy money

86 year old Hartley Mavir from Workington is one of only 172 people who will receive Maundy money from the Queen this week.The coins are specially minted for the ceremony which is taking place in York minster. He told ITV Border he was over the moon to be given the honour.

Mr Mavir was recommended for the honour by the Canon of his local church who was asked to put someone forward.

He will receive the Maundy money at York Minister and will be accompanied by his wife, Irene, 84, and granddaughter, Kimberley Brough, 21.

Mr Mavir will get a red purse with a £5 coin to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and a white purse, which contains 86 specially minted one, two, three and four silver pence pieces, which equal the Queen's age. he explained what happens:

Mr Mavir remains humble and says it's an honour for west Cumbria