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Dog helps MS sufferer

A remarkable dog in west Cumbria is transforming the life of his owner. At first sight Lyall is an ordinary black Labrador. But he's been trained to carry out all sorts of household chores for Paul Crewdson in Whitehaven, who has multiple sclerosis. His skills involve doing the washing, collecting the post and even answering the phone. Sounds impossible? Have a look at Tim Backshall's report to see him in action

Lyall has been provided by an organisation called Canine Partners, which trains dogs to carry out everyday tasks for people who have mobility problems.

Paul says,

"He's brilliant, he's very loving. He does everything I say. If I walk to the kitchen or anything like that he'll be right behind me. Everywhere I go Lyall is there. He's changed my life, he's given me a lot of independence."

– Paul Crewsdon
Lyall at home Credit: ITV Border