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Local family back organ donor campaign

The mother of a Carlisle teenager who saved three lives after her death is asking more people to join the donor register. Sally Glendinning died suddenly from Meningitis in January last year, her organs saved three other lives. Her family have now put £2,000 towards a fund for an organ donor memorial at the Cumberland Infirmary. Her mother described what her daughter was like and why they made the decision to donate her organs:

Colin Rodgers is the Clinical Lead for Organ Donation in North Cumbria, he explained that it's important that people tell their loved one's their wishes when it comes to organ donation.

A Trust was set up in Sally's memory Credit: Anne Glendinning

The trust has now given a donation to the North Cumbria organ donor family memorial fund, so that families in the Glendinning's position will have somewhere to go to reflect and remember those who have saved lives.

Anne Glendinning set up the Sally Glendinning Meningitis trust in her daughter's memory. Alan Rogerson is part of the Trust's committee, he explained what they want to achieve.